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What is in the Pipe-Line ?

This page gives details of the possible additions that could be made to this site. it is up to each member to state what they would like added either from the list presented below or an additioanl item. It should be noted that some items will, (by the nature of the subject covered), take longer to put in place than others. If members wish to write, (or start), a section then they should forward the information to the web-master and this will be put into place. Remember, you do not need to know everything, for additional information can be added at a later date. The sharing of information benefits all for the greater good of our hobby.

The items in red type, (at the bottom of the list), are already in place ...

Contact the web-master and let him know what you require --- its YOUR SITE

Sheets and
Large multiples
A visual reference to sheets and large multiples of the stamps of Great Britain
Watermarks A visual reference to watermarks used on the stamps of Great Britain
All variations are shown such as inverted, reversed, inverted and reversed and hese can be shown as seen from the front and read of the stamp
Land Registry The documents of the Land Rgistry Department of Great Britain.
Copies of these documents supplied by the head office in London relating to the fiscal stamps
Live chat There are a few philatelic live chat sites on the net.
One of the best I have encountered is the Internet Philatelic Dealers Assn. (IPDA)
This can be linked to if required
Email list This has been suggested by a member
Although this is simple to do, I would advise against it.
Those who appear on the list may recieve unwanted e-mails
Horizonal Ovals
An illustrated guide to these postmarks.
All illustrated and able to be sorted by number or place name
Plating Guides A three section visual guide to aid in the allocation of the correct plate of the Penny Black, Two Pence Blue
and a visual guide to the VR Official One Penny Black.
Plate 9 A visual guide to stamps from Plate 9 that were produced as photographic forgeries
These a much rarer than the genuine stamps
Imprimatur sheets Scanned copies of the imprimature sheets
The best method for plating the early British line-engraved stamps
P.O. circulars Scanned copies of the circulars sent to Postmasters
A wealth of imformation on topics from stamps to telegraph offices, special events and ship sailings
Plate 11 A visual guide to stamps from Plate 11 used to print the Penny Blacks and the early Penny Reds.
Almost every example from thisplate has a black maltese cross cancellation, this gives details of the other
variations that have been confirmed
Numbers in
Maltese Cross
An illustrated guide to these postmarks used in the London Chief Office.
This would provide additional details to the Maltese Cross section already in place
Encyclopedia A philatelic encyclopedia covering the basics on a wide range of topics
On this day ? A fun item that shows philatelic events that happened on each day.
The information changes each day.
Links It has been suggested by some members that a links section should be added
This is a simple task --- provide the links and the section will be added
Mail Server It has been suggested by some members that a place to ask questions would be useful.
The server already has an email list in place that can be linked straight into.
This mail server is able to store pictures as well as text, making life easier with a visual hobby
A database of all the known names that appear on British postmarks.
Searchable, so that postmarks can be identified from part impressions and illustrated where possible, so
as to allow variations in type to be identified

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