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Members Collections and Displays

      The following collections and displays are by members of the Lagan Valley Society ...

      All these items are listed in alphabeticial order by surname of the owner and where more than one collection has been submitted by a member, these are presented in alphabetical order by the subject

      All selections open in a new window

Carole Barbosa Stamps on Stamps
Johnny Barkley The Chalon head issue of New Zealand
Clifford Holmes Philatelic Dictionary
Selwood Fitzpatrick Rhodesia - U.D.I. period
Selwood Fitzpatrick South Africa Postage Dues
Selwood Fitzpatrick The Pony Express
Selwood Fitzpatrick U.S.A. firsts
Selwood Fitzpatrick U.S.A. overrun countries
Ian Howell British Antartic Territory
Kevin McShane Ireland - Straight line marks & undated circles
Jon & Rosemary Perrott Development of the postcard - (Part 1)
Jon Perrott Wickies World - (Lighthouse keepers)

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