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The following list presents a series of links to extenal philatelic web-sites that users may find intresting.
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Please note The webmasters of the Lagan Valley Philatelic Society and the Shropshire Philatelic Society have no control over the content of these sites. They are presented here in good faith as an aid to collectors. Should you find broken / non-working links or should you feel that a site should be removed please inform the webmaster with your reasons

The pictures that form the illustrated links are taken from the pages in question. In most cases they should give an indication of the content

World-Wide These sites contain details from more than one country
Commercial Overprint Society of Great Britain
Information and illustrations on this worldwide collecting area
World of Belgian Stamps
The World of Belgian Stamps site covers the issues from 1849 to 2007
Well illustrated and worth a visit from anyone who collects this area
The Canadian Postal Archives
Canada - World War II Overseas Tobacco Distribution Scheme
A wealth of information for collectors in this area
Great Britain  
The R.M. Phillips collection
Before the Penny Black by E and R Shanahan
No illustrations
Before the Penny Black (First Series) by Ken Lawrence
Before the Penny Black Revisited (Second Series)
The Uniform Penny Post By Ross Taylor
Part of his main stamps page also worth a visit
The Wyon City medal By Ross Taylor
Part of his main stamps page also worth a visit
Historical Information on British Victorian Stamps By Ross Taylor
Part of his main stamps page also worth a visit
Queen Victoria's Head - A comparisons Between different issues. by Ross Taylor - Part of his main stamps page also worth a visit
Ian Wright's large Database of Scans for plating the Penny Black. Probably The largest Online resource for these images. (Includes red stamps from black plates and a full set of the Nissen photographs)
Plating of the Penny Black with details on states of the plates, ray flaws, guide lines, rainbow trials and much more
The main page of this site also contains a number of links to sections relating to the Penny Red perforated stars issue
Details on the various plates used to print the Two Pence stamps in blue - The imperforate, perforated and trials are shown
Line-Engraved Stamps 1840-1879
Line-Engraved Stamps 1840-1879
This page shows as pictures links to the various line engraved issues
Each link brings up additional details on the issue - Worth a visit
The Penny Red
Details of the various types of Penny Red stamps with links to details on the master dies, plate construction and more
Line engraved made easy
Illustrations & Facts About The Line Engraved Issues
by William F Blank MD
The 1880 Tender essays
An in Depth & Well Written Article With Many Illustrations by Peter Morton.
W H Smith & Son Newspaper Wrappers 1870 - 1901
Details and illustrations of this often neglected collecting area
British perfins By J Evans
Lots of illustrated information for anyone intrested in this area
A site dedicated to the identification of U.S. Postage stamps
We hope to be adding more links when possible .