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      PHILATELIC WEB has been designed to allow any philatelic society to host their details which can then be linked into the wealth of philatelic information already avaliable on this server. This means that any stamp club can now have a website simply by providing details of their meeting times, officers etc and the page will be linked to all the details already in place from other clubs. In this way, not only is the maintence of the information simplified, but all clubs get access to the information as soon as it becomes avaliable.

      The buttons below will link to the various pages of information already available on this server and the banners for the clubs will link to details for each society. I hope that this new format will not only make it easier to maintain the information on this site, but will also make it easy for any other philatelic society to have their details published on the web and give their members (what is hoped will be) access to a vast cross section of philatelic information.

      The process to restruture the information on this site will take some time. During this work, all the information will remain available, however, some of the links may return the user to an unexpected page. We are working to get the entire site and all the information working correctly and hope that users will understand whilst we make these conversions.
Any comments and suggestions are, as always, welcomed.


Shropshire Philatelic Society
Shropshire Philatelic Society

Lagan Valley Philatelic Society
Lagan Valley Philatelic Society

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