This project is intended to be a source of information for all stamp collectors.

As such the amount of information required to make it useful is vast and we request that, any user who finds additional information which they feel should be included, contacts us via email.

If possible, when sending information for inclusion, (text or pictures), it would be of great asistance if you could write the new section. This will speed up the inclusion process, thus making the new information avalible to all users far more quickly.

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  1. Aachen workers council - Accessories
  2. Adams City Express - Aerophilately
  3. Aer Phost - Aichach
  4. Air Hole flaw - Alatyir
  5. Alava - Allied militery stamps
  6. All Souls College - Alvin Adams
  7. Alwer - Amiens
  8. AM - Angeli, Heinrich von
  9. Anglo-American penny postage - Antioquia
  10. ANY - Ardatov
  11. Arendal - Army Service (AS)
  12. Aschaffenburg - Ausser Kurs
  13. Australasian New Hebrides Co - Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
  14. AZ - Azuaga

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