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      When the Shropshire Philatelic site was set up on the 7th September 2006 followed by the Lagan Valley site on the 6th December 2007, it was decided that all the philatelic content should be FREE to all those that required it. This is still the case, (and will continue to be so for as long as I have control), although there are financial matters that need to be addressed. Until 2008 this site has been maintained through donations from a few collectors and dealers who have supported the development for no other reason than to share knowledge, and to these people I would like to place on record my thanks not only for the money to get things done, but also for their help and suggestions over the years. Their continued support is recieved with thanks ...

      In October 2008 this set of web pages was altered and became Philatelic, the the principles of free information to all those that require it remain the same.

However we now need some extra financial support to maintain and keep improving this site with new features and better functionality.

      In order to spread the burden of the cost of running the site, tracking down information, updating storage and backup devices etc, users can help by making a donation of any size towards the running costs by using the button below. By making a donation you will be helping to improve the site, improving the content presented on the pages and making sure that all this information remains on-line for many years to come.

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      All donations will help with the site, no matter how small - so even if you only wish to donate 1 we will use this towards inprovements.

      Many thanks to all those who help ....       The Webmaster.