Within this section we aim to provide information on the covers prouced for the Coronation of King George VI which took place on the 12th May 1937. The covers have been split into various sections to make it easier to find a cover by type.

           The covers illustrated and detailed below are by way of an introduction to some of the more basic types encountered. Although not pictorial covers we felt they at least deserved to be mentioned in a work of this nature.

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          A number of similar coronation covers are known posted from Devon, bearing a Lundy stamp and airmail label. These are dated the 13th May 1937 with the Lundy items cancelled on the following day.

          A whole host of covers, (varying slightly from one to anther), are known where text has been added with a typewriter. The scope for variation on these is so great that they have been excluded from the text types section, but a typical example is shown below. Most of the examples of this type are in black, blue or red inks, as these were the standard colours employed on the typewriter ribbons of the time.

          Another type of cover that can add interest to a collection is those that are posted outside the country of origin. These usually show additional postage markings on the reverse of the cover which can yield a wealth of information for the postal history collector.

          Also known are reuse of covers with the British coronation stamp. These covers bear the first three definitive stamps, (issued on the 10th May 1937), as well as the coronation stamp cancelled on the 13th May 1937. The more common double use is the coronation goodwill flight which is listed in this work.

Example with type written text

Cover from British Honduras to Guiana

Re-use item showing definitive and the coronation stamp cancelled on different dates


          Pre-release covers are also known dated the 7th 10th, 11th and 12th May 1937 from various locations. These will be added as illustrations become available.

Used on cover dated the 7th May 1937

Coronation Day - 12th May 1937

          Covers dated the 12th May 1937, (coronation day), are of interest as that Wednesday had been declared a public holiday. As such many Post Offices were closed making dated items more difficult to obtain.

Kilburn machine cancellation

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