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This project is intended to be an electronic archive of reference articles which we have kept from various stamp magazines over the years.

As this project expands, we are intending disposing of the original paper version and using this as our main refernece source. The index should allow information to be found from a variety of search options.

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  1. Adhesive stamps - Embossed
    10d pair - illustrated
  2. Adhesive stamps - Line engraved
    1d Red - Plate number series - Plate 77
    2d blue - plate 4 - illustrated
  3. Adhesive stamps - Photogravure
  4. Adhesive stamps - Recess printed
  5. Adhesive stamps - Surface printed
  6. Aerial Post - First United Kingdom- London 1911 (Postmark illusrtrated)
  7. Airmail - Beckenham Coronation balloon post - 1902
  8. Airmail - Zeppelin
  9. Airmail - Hong Kong - 1924 - 1941
  10. Airmail letter sheets - stamped types
  11. Archer perforations
  12. Australia head - Waterlow essays- illustrated - (lists 4 known colours) - (King George VI)

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