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On logging into our computer systems via the Internet, a programme first queries the User's table to validate your status. It then collects a few bits of additional information from the User's profiles table and stores them as memory variables on the Philatelics.Org web server. This repeatedly used information (Your first name is a good example.) can then be accessed directly and quickly, without further need to query the tables. As the life of these variables is limited to the duration of a session, they may appropriately be referred to as session variables. As you might suspect, every session (A logged in User, for example.) has its own set of session variables. The task of keeping these sets of session variables in sync with their respective owners is accomplished by assigning a session identifier to each session. A copy of the session identifier is stored at both ends of the session. On this end it is stored in memory, whilst on your end, it is stored in a temporary cookie.

Note that no information is gleaned from your system and that the cookie expires at the end of the session. The cookie's sole purpose is to keep your local session in sync with the corresponding session on our Web Server.