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Contact Information
Details on how to contact the webmaster

Reference Materials
A wealth of philatelic information available as PDF files to read online or download and print

British Postmark Data-Base
A searchable data-base of British Postmark name
(Illustrations are being added on a regular basis)

statistics for the British Line Engraved plates       Links to external websites

Line Engraved plate statistics
Full details on all of Great Britain's line engraved printing plates

John A. McCulloch's Computer Measuring The Penny Black and Penny Red (E-Gauge)
An invaluable tool for plating Great Britain's Penny Black and Penny Red

External websites

Please take note that some sections of this site are "Under Construction" especially the postmark database and the Line engraved statistics which are being constantly updated.

Suggestions for additional content are always appreciated. Should you have comments, questions, or be interested in participating in building this site, drop me an E-mail at simon@Philatelics.Org or, alternatively, use the contact button at the top of the page for other options.

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